Embracing Sexual Energy for Creativity, Healing and Abundance with Minke De Vos


Last night we got to catch up with Minke De Vos, Senior Healing Instructor and  Co-Founder of Silent Ground Retreats.   Her extensive background in energy arts and her own soul journey shines through the work she does.  Although change can happen at any moment,  we wanted to bring Minke on the show to share some of the work she has been up to. During the holiday season I found out several of our mutual friends including Sex Coach Kim Anami have worked with Minke before.

One of the biggest shifts one can do for one’s self is to connect and channel one’s sexual energy. Recognizing that sexual energy is not dirty is a key point. Many of the daoist practices help channel the energy.  Some of the workshops Minke offers helps pull sexual energy towards healing, creation and pleasure.


Here’s a snapshot of our 60 minute chat:

Sexy: If you could wave a magic wand and change sex ed in schools what would you like to be taught?

Minke: I think it is really important for teenagers to realize that sexual energy is so sacred and it is something to be really  honoured. And to be able to say yes or no from their own heart and own intuition rather than to be pulled by peer pressure that they have to have sex in a certain way. That they really start to connect with their own intuition and I feel it is really important for them to access their creative power either through martial arts or dance or something where they are really channeling it inside a more disciplined way and then they can really master their own inner power. And for the boys – the teenagers to really learn what a great loss it is in ejaculation and to be able to withhold ejaculation and to move that energy up through the body and circulate it so they will actually have more energy to learn and study and sports they’ll just have more energy. Cause it is an incredible loss of energy if it is not really a more conscious sharing in a partnership.

Sexy: So there is truth to that myth that men lose more than just matter during ejaculation.

Minke: Yes it is not just matter, it is the best energy in the body. Its the energy that is going to procreate a whole another person – a child – so the best energy of the body is lost. An essential part.


Sexy: Do women lose energy during female ejaculation?

Minke: No because there is no sperm. The potency is in the sperm.  Women lose their sexual essence through menstruating. So that’s why we try with the menstrual cycle to make sure it is not an extreme loss of blood. So they won’t feel so weak afterwards, irritable or loss of iron – all those factors. They’ll feel really good now that they are cleansed  and energized after menstruation.

Sexy: That would be really wonderful to teach in school too.

Minke: Yes. Yes because there are so much use of pain killers. And with breast massage and squeezing the vagina and moving the energy they can prevent all that. Right from the start wouldn’t that be great?

Sexy: It would be amazing! For women and men who are becoming parents for the first time – any recommendations to – because it is such a huge change in life – it’s not just a gift it is a really really big change. Sometimes is it is huge challenge to stay connected to one’s partner when feeling sleep deprived for the first few years.

Minke: To really understand how much energy the woman is taking is not just sleeping but the child is actually feeding off of the woman’s energy field for about four years. That’s even more past breast feeding. Its just in the field the mother is holding space for that child – yeah so it is an incredibly devoted act to have children. So that means the woman needs to have a lot of support. Support from her family and her community and from her partner – lots of good nutrition and lots of good rest and lots of nature. She should really tap into nature – mother earth energy is what build substance in the body; builds the blood which women need a lot of earth energy. Just being in the garden, going for walks, in the woods – being in nature.

To listen to the rest of our conversation please click here. To connect with Minke and find our more about some of her upcoming workshops, please visit www.silentground.com

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

Week Class Series, Mondays 7-9pm January 13 -March 3

8 weeks for $170 plus tax, $25 drop in
Enhance the quality of your life and relationships with Healing Love practices. Tap into your powerful, creative, sexual energy, the Fountain of Youth. Effective methods fuel longevity, vitality and self-healing. Chi Self-Massage of the breast and lower abdomen are self-nurturing and are known to help prevent cancer. Internal resistance training, using a real or imaginary jade egg, tonifies the “Chi Muscles” in the pelvic floor, the support for all your organs. Prevent excessive energy loss and discomfort from menstruation. Enhance your hormones, beauty and inner strength, before and after menopause. Embrace your power!

Treat yourself to healing gestures of love. Nurture your feminine essence with Ovarian and Kidney breathing, self massage and sensual movement. We will practice breast massage as a meditation for growing compassion. We will play with a real or imaginary jade egg inside the vagina to exercise the PC muscles and pull up energy through the chakras. These practices will allow you to deepen your connection with your feelings, body and energy.
Generate more loving, creative energy for your life!
The practices are known to help with:
*reducing PMS, menstrual difficulties and breast sensitivity
*preventing breast and ovarian cancer 
*strenghtening the pelvic floor to prevent incontinance
*balancing the hormones and boosting youthfulness
Please bring a skirt or sarong and jade egg (for sale).


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