Girl Power Shines!

There’s nothing sexier than empowered people. When Danielle Snow from Live Vision Management told me she was putting a line up of female Vancouver based bands, I got excited. Although I do a weekly show on CITR 101.9FM, I spend 60 minutes of airtime speaking to guests about relationships, self-love and dating. There’s something about music that cuts right to the soul. For me the night at Kosmik Zoo (51 East Broadway) was a born again music lover experience.

4 female Vancouver Based Bands. $10 a ticket – $3 donated to Beauty Night Society. * Beauty Night builds self-esteem and changes lives of women and youth living in poverty. In 11.5 years they’ve given $16, 000 makeovers to impoverished women.

I was surprised that the Kosmik Zoo (formerly the Hennessey on East Broadway) had vegetarian options on their menu. Their soy “chicken” tenders in a batter of kamut, millet, and quinoa were so good I couldn’t believe they were not chicken. At $6.99, definitely a tasty bite.

On Vancouver summer nights, people wander into events leisurely. Sunshine is such a rarity. Whenever it appears, Vancouverites soak up the liquid sunshine. This night was no exception. Towards 9:30pm, people began to trickle in and the music began.

Tatiana Speed heated up the night with her hauntingly soulful melodies. Songs in French, beat box, and beautiful piece about unrequited love to a heart wrenching torch song wrapping the set. Her enthusiasm and earnestness highlighted her fresh face and talent.

So Fresh – the tune that Luwkita opened with was the perfect follow up to the lovely Tatiana Speed. Pint sized styling gal with sassy lyrics and great style. Her song Where Ever I go (Enemies With Benefits) powerful stuff.

Tonye Aganaba
She brought the energy up – like a true DIVA (Determination,
integrity, vitality and aspiration) she took to the stage. With humour and grace she charmed the audience. Strong, bold and beautiful – she made us laugh, dance, and cry. At one point, she asked Luwkita to “skip the next song because it’s sad” when the chords to the song after that began, she said dead-pan, “that one is even sadder.”  then proceeded held the room captive with her heart rendering piece on broken hearts.

She uses her voice like a painter’s brush. This is true Picasso how she splashes vibrant bold strokes of humour and all the subtle strokes of notes she hits. The sweet way she paints on the canvas of human emotion moved me. Loved loved loved Loving and the soul-wrenching ballads. She wrapped her set up with Mistress Music which brought everyone back out onto the dance floor.

The headlining act literally moved mountains to be there. Krystle Dos Santos  was the first performer to have a full band on stage (sans keyboardist playing keyboards). After their drummer got stuck at the border, their keyboardist jumped in and rocked the drums. If I hadn’t been sitting there pre-show chatting at their table, I would not have known the effort it took to get to the benefit that night. Keyboardist Jay Esplana owned the drums. The audience transfixed on him – it was hard to believe that the drums were not his regular instrument. He owned it.

The range of hauntingly beautiful songs such as Remember to the “my feet need to dance” pieces such as Coming Home had us moving to the music. They wrapped the set with Coming Home. It had a 60’s feel to it that pulled my feet to the dance floor.

As I am writing this, I am listening to her Fame Fatale album available on her site. As the crowd trickled out into the night, I felt full. Great music can satiate the soul. I can not wait until Girl Power 2. In the meantime, I am downloading the music of some amazing female artists from my hometown, Vancouver!

*** $100 was raised for Beauty Night Society. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who let themselves shine – by shining you encourage others to find the courage to shine too.


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