Women’s Anatomy of Arousal Podcast

Women\’s Anatomy of Arousal with Sheri Winston

A few weeks ago, Dr. Faizal Sakurhan was on our show chatting about hymenoplasty. This week’s edition of Sexy in Vancity Radio took that topic to a deeper level. On Wednesday night, Sheri Winston, author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal and I chatted about how designer vagina surgeries are on the rise. Although the internet has brought sexuality into our homes, pornography addiction is on the rise. With our society’s exposure to pornography, women are becoming more aware of how we “should” look. As Sheri said, “Porn is for entertainment not education.”

I was thrilled when I mentioned Nick Karras’ book Petals which features black and white photographs of 48 vulvas (each looking beautiful yet different than the last), Sheri laughed as she had a copy of the book open in front of her.  I applauded her in her book Women’s Anatomy of  Arousal has the anatomy maps and pictures of vulvas in different shapes and sizes.

This edition of Sexy in Vancity Radio talks about:

Solo Sex

Sexual Education

Designer Vaginas


10% of women have not had an orgasm

Sex after Babies

Half of teen women do not self pleasure.

and much more. Please download the episode right here: Women’s Anatomy of Arousal with Sheri Winston.


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