Music Request on Sexy in Vancity Radio

During my twenty-something stint, music got me out of bed in the morning. My roommates and I would stumble out of bed. Bleary-eyed, I would hit play on my cassette deck. “We Go Together” from the Grease Soundtrack filled our tiny basement suite. Giggling we would hug each other as we danced around. During the six-week stint I stayed there, music filled my days.

Nights were filled with music blasting from my car stereo. We would sing and move with the music as we drove from club to club. Life became a musical. Whenever I hear old songs, they propel memories into my mind. Good, bad, funny and sad memories seem filled with fondness. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I tend to start every episode of Sexy in Vancity with a throwback to the 80s – music to remember to.

The experience broadcasting live from VanPride 2010 inspired me. After spending the Pride Parade dancing and singing with CITR 101.9FM personalities such as Teddy Smooth, E-Rock, Duncan McHugh, Jason Colantonio, Marie Benard, and many more inspired me to expand my repertoire of music. For those of you who haven’t caught their shows on 101.9FM CITR, they are definitely worth listening to.

If you have sexy songs created by Vancouver musical artists that  you would like to hear on Sexy in Vancity Radio, send them to me. Like a school girl, I need to pull up my knee socks and fasten the buckles on my Mary Janes when it comes to learning about music. To give me a head start, my friend, Barb Snelgrove, Grand Marshall of VanPride2010 Parade suggested I give Destineak a listen.

I listened and I liked it. Hence I started last night’s show with their song Just the Music.


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