Spectral Cities Art to Raise Funds for Qmuinty at Lüt Boutique


See Ben Worth's Specral Cities at Lut Boutique on Thursday

Art Exhibits are wonderful. When fused with a great cause, the event is even better!

Directly from Honey Mustard:

Adorning the walls of their fashionable store with art isn’t unusual for Lüt Boutique, but this time owners Jennifer Cummer and Stephan Bourke have brought in an artist who’s pieces will hopefully do more than just add colour to the walls. Lüt’s proceeds from the sale of the colourful collection will go directly to Qmuinty, BC’s leading queer resource center.  

Qmuinty contributes to the health and well-being of LGTB communities through information and referral, education, coming-out groups, social support, recovery meetings, counseling, and community development. Painter Ben Worth’s Spectral Cities couldn’t be a more suiting collection for raising funds for a community who counts a rainbow as one of its many trademarks. The paintings are a part of a grouping of rainbow swathed cityscapes which in essence pay homage to our diverse metropolis.

 The Art will hang in Lüt Boutique from July 22nd – August 31st but to kick off the hanging of Ben’s creations Lüt is holding an Art Opening at the store (4219 Main Street, Vancouver) on Thursday July 22 7pm – 10pm; attendees will be treated to a complimentary beverage and get to meet the artist.



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