Asian Men Dating In Vancouver

People wonder why it is difficult to date in Vancouver. In our multicultural city, there is Many times it is difficult for people to figure out if they are actually on a date. According to  Man Meets Woman’s Ronald Lee Vancouver does not have a dating culture.  Ronald and  Conversation Art’s Vincent Ng chat about some of the issues Asian men face dating in Vancouver.  This inspired their workshops.  Key topics include:

  • Differences between Asian men’s concept of dating from Generation X to Generation Y
  • Lack of Male Asian role models portrayed in mainstream media.
  • Family focus on education and career BEFORE dating.
  • Attitude differences between Canadian Chinese born here and immigrated in regards to dating.
  • Concepts of where marriage and sex fit into the picture.
  • Man’s responsibility to keep the romance flowing after the honeymoon phase.
  • Hiding behind the computer and learning to socialize in person.
  • Lack of dating culture in Vancouver.
  • Mixed relationships.
  • Online relationships
  • Creating vintage love

You can listen to this episode right here.


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