Tweens, Teens and Everything in Between Show

Laura Mack from Odyssey Leadership and Child and Family Therapist, Alyson Jones joined me last night to talk about parenting as a leadership journey. The evolution from tweens to teens and everything in between can be challenging for parents and youth.

This episode  focuses the challenges of parenting tweens & teens about budding sexuality in our fast food social media culture.First time in recorded history the younger generation is leading us  as they are the forefront of modern technology.  The parenting as a leadership journey team will be discussing some of the ways we can empower and build strong leadership skills in an era filled of sexting, facebook gone wrong and much more. Some of the key points we touched on are:

– Creating Parent Centred Homes versus Child Centred homes

– Encouraging child’s autonomy but still leading them.

– How the evolution of the family structure has affected leadership in the home front

– Balancing how to accept the limits and make the child know that they are understood

–  Building community core through community safety net and community dialogue with other parents and children in our schools and neighbourhoods.

–  Social Media: How do we lead our children in  a realm where there are no concrete rules?

– Introduction to sex via exposure online

– Setting firm guidelines in regards to internet use.

– Young girls selling themselves as a brand via facebook

– Sexting and suicide

– Different styles of leadership with children

– Developing healthy relationship with your children

– Teaching children to deal with mistakes as opportunities

You can download the episode right here.


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