Live A Life You Love

Dr. Susan Biali joined me for last night’s edition of Sexy in Vancity Radio to chat about her book Live A Life You Love. Some of the key points that came up during the interview were:

 Make sure your life plan you are following is actually your plan not what other people want for you.

Giving yourself permission to play.

Dating in Vancouver.

Finding your passion for your life and opening yourself up to the possibility of adding a romantic partner to that mix.

How to keep love growing during long term relationships. Avoiding the 7 year itch.

Giving yourself and your partner permission and support  to evolve into the gorgeous and wonderful human being that they are.

Letting that person continue to be the person you fell in love with. Not taking someone for granted.

Roles of men and women in relationships.

Taking note what we can learn from how  other cultures celebrate what makes women women and honoring what makes men men.

Home work – Working through the work books for Live A Life You Love with Your partner.

What we should teach our children to empower them as they grow into adults.

Give permission to explore what your “north star” is.

And much more. You can listen to the podcast right here.


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