Dr. Susan Biali on Sexy in Vancity Radio

Many of us live in the 9 to 5 world. We spend 8 hours a day doing work that is not fulfilling. We keep checking the clock to see how much longer we have to wait until the day ends. When we come home we are exhausted. We might plunk ourselves down in front of the computer for another four hours of chatting online. The thought of  having to do it all over again tomorrow might make one feel like not getting out of bed. If many of us in Vancouver chose to live this life, is it any wonder why the most common complaint about Vancouverites is “there is no one to date.”
Dating starts with self discovery. If you don’t know who you are and spend your days doing things that don’t make you happy, you might choose to date for the wrong reasons. It makes us feel alive when we are in lust or in love. Perhaps that sense of vitality should start with taking a good look in the mirror and seeing who looks back at you.

Dr. Susan Biali chats about how to Live a Life You Love - including time for romantic partners and yourself on tonight's edition of Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR

Are you a 9-5er? Are you hiding behind your high stress job and hectic social life? Do you spend  your days self-medicating with your morning cup of coffee and your night-time bottle of wine? I think regardless whether we are in a relationship, searching for love, and continually evolving ourselves, we are always searching for balance in our lives. Keeping balance in mind, what do we need to do to live a life we love?
You can find out tonight by tuning into Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR at 10pm. Special guest, Dr. Susan Biali will be chatting about the 7 steps we can choose to take to live a life we love for ourselves and for our romantic partners.
 On this week’s edition of Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM, Dr. Susan Biali chats to listeners about how to Live a Life You Love, find balance in your life and how to include a romantic relationship without losing yourself. We are giving away a copy of her best-selling book Live a Life You Love 7 Steps to a More Healthier Happier More Passionate You. To enter please leave a comment on this post about balancing life and relationships or RT @sexyinvancity  Giveaway: Dr. Susan Biali’s Live a Life You Love.
You must do this Before 10:30pm on Wednesday, June 9th and be listening to Sexy in Vancity on 101.9FM to find out if you are the winner.
Tune into Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR on Wednesday nights at 10pm PST. Listen Live right here.

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