Contest: Live A Life You Love

Dr. Susan Biali will be chatting to Sexy in Vancity listeners about living a life they love and finding time to balance a healthy relationship this Wednesday at 10pm on 101.9FM CITR

Last weekend Dr. Susan Biali inspired the audience at the WOW ( last weekend. Flamenco music silenced the room full of 700 women and drew them to look at the beautiful dark haired woman dancing towards the front of the room.

Dr. Susan Biali knows how to make an entrance. She stood in front of the microphone as the music faded. The audience listened to her inspirational story of how life can give you what you want. We just need to be ready to listen for the clues.
On this week’s edition of Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM, Dr. Susan Biali chats to listeners about how to Live a Life You Love, find balance in your life and how to include a romantic relationship without losing yourself.
To enter please leave a comment on this post about balancing life and relationships or RT @sexyinvancity  Giveaway: Dr. Susan Biali’s Live a Life You Love.
You must do this Before 10:30pm on Wednesday, June 9th and be listening to Sexy in Vancity on 101.9FM to find out if you are the winner.
Tune into Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR on Wednesday nights at 10pm PST. Listen Live right here.

4 thoughts on “Contest: Live A Life You Love

  1. Hi I am Karen & i live in White Rock. Two weekends ago i went to the WOW event in Vancouver. Although i had to leave early, i truly think that Susan (other than previous WOW coordinator Christine) was the BEST speaker! Susan you are wonderful, your flamenco dancing is ELECTRIC & i LOVED hearing your story. I myself only have a simple college certificate, which in my hum-drum job i don’t use. Listening to you has inspired me to do more life coaching with my current coach & to one day enroll in belly dance & singing lessons. I love to sing! I just know right now in my life with my work & activities, it really is all about balance. I may have to give something up to gain something more exciting & healthier for my body & to have more energy. I have always been involved in my church Bible studies & spiritual topics which inspire me greatly, but i believe i have burned out, due to a support system which is lacking. As a single woman, i feel inspired by another author who writes on Mastering the Art of Aloneness. I really do know it is all about loving yourself, life & following your passions. Thanks so much! I listened to your DVD i bought at Wow & went online because i wanted MORE LOL & bought the 2 CD & workbook set, and listened to more of your vids. Thank-you Susan, i love you & hope to meet up again one day soon! Thank-you. Karen Cherniak White Rock 🙂

  2. Yes Susan is an amazing speaker and I am looking forward to having her on the show tonight to hear more. It sounds like you are doing some amazing things with your life. Kudos for becoming inspired and doing something about it!

  3. Hi There! I thought the show was this morning! I won’t be home tonight until just after 10:30 pm as i am working. 😦 Just thankful enough that i have a job, and goals i’m working towards.

    It takes small steps & sometimes a big jump! I’m a bit slow to dive in, but i think with the support of my life coach, and going to more events such as Wow, and Susan’s talks, i can live a life more awe-inspiring! I like that term awe inspiring.

    I want to help support other women one day. I know many of us are stressed & i feel it in my job as a cashier, but i do value about myself that i have overcome shyness & am friendly. I have developed so many more friendships, and although not everyone wants to be connected, or is in a rush, i try to not take it personally or judge anyone.

    Victoria Cook of the guilt-free coach is very good as well. I receive her newsletters.

    Will keep in touch,

    Karen Cherniak
    White Rock

  4. It’s every Wednesday night at 10pm- 11pm. We will be announcing the winner after 10:30 towards the end of the show.

    Just participated in an authentic leadership workshop last night run by Laura Mack (on the show next week about parental leadership). Someone mentioned having a gratitude journal. I love the concept as I think it is very important to be able to be grateful for what we have and what we would like to change.

    I think (and Susan will talk more about this on the show – her opinion) that sometimes it starts with small steps as each step we take on the road towards what we envision in our life is one step at a time. Sometimes life requires a big jump but usually big jumps are a series of smaller steps taken over the journey of time.

    Re: stress – yes Dr. John Gray who was on the show last week talks about how our life style (for men and women) causes large amounts of cortisol in our systems and that men and women need to find ways to replenish our testosterone and oxytocin levels to be balanced and healthy within ourselves and our relationships. (Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice).

    BTW you can always listen the podcasts afterwards. I will be posting it tomorrow and talking about the show & the winner of the contest.

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