Venus on Fire Mars on Ice

All I can say is wow! Last night Dr. John Gray who coined the phrase “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” and wrote the international best-selling book all about it talked about the differences between men and women and his new book, Venus on Fire Mars on Ice.  We talked about how our fast food culture has spiked our stress levels and how this affects our relationships and our health.

With sincerity and humour, Gray talks about how men and women can balance their hormones. Hormonal balance – the key to life, love and energy.

On a personal note, I told him when I watched Sex in the City 2 on Monday night with my gal pals, I couldn’t stop thinking about his book and just how accurate he was. In Sex and the City 2, Big gets Carrie a big, flat screen TV for their 2nd anniversary. Carrie asks one of the frequently asked questions,” Why do men need to watch TV?”

In Gray’s book, he explains that watching TV helps men relax their muscles and replenish their testosterone levels. There are several studies that support men’s need to unwind in front of the flat screen.  Perhaps TV is the modern-day man’s version of bat cave time. Maybe if women can understand that this is a benefit to men’s health, maybe we can stop judging their need for TV. By not taking it personally when he wants to watch TV, we can honour ourselves and our men.

In the same token, research shows that shopping is one of the ways women can restore their oxytocin levels. If men and women are able to recognize our differences and try not to make men women or turn women into men, our relationships can give us more fulfillment. Of course it starts with taking care of ourselves.

Yoga, eating super foods and developing strong communication skills are ways we can not only survive but flourish with life, love and energy. Gray’s Venus on Fire Mars on Ice has a list of super foods that can benefit us. On the show he mentioned many health food stores in Canada carry Venus Calm to benefit women and for men Mars Revived.

Listen to the show right here.


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