Thursday’s (or Wednesday’s Midnight showing) Release of Sex in the City 2 evoked a craving within me. For the past five weeks, I have counted down the days.  I realized I wasn’t looking for an excuse to peruse my shoe closet to see which pair of stiletos I wanted to cramp my feet into.  Nor was I contemplating which bar served the best Cosmopolitans in Vancouver.  I am craving quality girl time.

Quality women bonding time that does not need to be a guilty pleasure, just pure pleasure.

There is part of me that craves quality over glitz. As much as I enjoy (and believe me I enjoy every drop of guilty pleasure from gossip sessions with my gal pals) spending girl time with my friends, I am looking for something with a bit more substance.

Tomorrow promises to satiate that craving.  I am heading to the WOW event at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  According to the press release, it promises:

 World-class speakers and entertainment
~  Over $10,000 in fantastic door prizes
~  Meaningful and impactful connections
~  Gifts, food, fun, retail therapy and …
~  TWO chocolate fountains

By listening to the interview with WOW founder, Christine Awrum, I think I will be leaving with an abundance of inspiration and thrilled to be a woman. You can download the podcast here.


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