Dating in Vancouver: Date Concept 1

Many people still think of Vancouver as a “no fun city”. This can make things challenging for coming up with creative date ideas.  Some of the best ideas are kept on the down low. Thankfully  facebook, twitter and other social media platforms make the  search for something to do easy. This morning I got an email that included the jpeg for the Art & Power event held at Radha Eatery on June 1st from 8 -11pm. With a smile on my face, I envisioned a rose held between beau’s teeth before he slid the lush red petals  into my dark locks behind my ear. Not that it is hard for me to think of romantic ideas when it comes to my companion and I but when it comes to flamenco…

There’s something sexy about flamenco dancing & art. When you can fuse them together to do good, it makes the experience sweeter. On Tuesday, June 1st, doll up and slide over to Radha Eatery to catch Art & Power.  While you are being entertained and can choose from Radha’s fantastic menu, you are doing the world a great deal of good.

During the evening, you will get a chance to see the art created by the women who attend Attira’s Enterprising Women Making Art program.  The program encourages women to sell their art and handmade products as an act of personal, community and economic empowerment. It’s a great opportunity to see some great pieces and support women who may have experienced violence in their lives.

As I perused Radha’s website, my excitement grew.  Radha offers cooking classes on Sunday afternoons. Their award-winning meals are affordable and perhaps attending a cooking class with my guy might be a great Sunday afternoon date idea.

Many a winter night I’ve spent in our cramped kitchen stirring a red sauce. Together we seem to enjoy our legs entangling as we dip the spoon inside the pot before sampling the sauce. We grab jars of spices and chat about how we spent the hours apart  as we sprinkle oregano and fresh basil.

The concept of stretching our cooking skills to creating vegetarian meals appeals to me. I am not sure what the classes will be like but I promise to keep you posted.

With bikini season coming up, perhaps I will check out their yoga classes too!


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