Women who are not afraid to walk with confidence and grace are some of the sexiest women in the world.  Vancouverites have a reputation of  being “beautiful people.” Our healthy West Coast lifestyle might give the illusion that we are laid back and fashion backwards. In the land of Lululemon, one could say that our West Coast women chose comfort over style. The  Fox, Fluvog and Friends exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver blows that myth away.  Until September 26th,   fashionistas can explore the collection of over 150 shoes before swinging by Fifth Avenue Cinemas to catch Sex in the City 2 or sign up for a guided tour. One never knows who they might meet as one struts through the Museum of Vancouver.

Strut in Your stilettos

In anticipation of  the opening of Sex in the City 2, women want to know  how to walk in stilettos.  “Just put your weight in heels,” I advise, “Or take a workshop with Taaja Kayler.”  Beautiful Taaja Kayler teaches women “the walk, the look and how to own the room.” As we slid our feet into our favourite Miu Mius (Sex in the City 2’s Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe of choice),  it is important to know how to walk with poise and confidence.  Although we might fall into the lap of a potential Prince Charming if we continue to trip and fall over our feet, I think that special somebody might notice you if you are not afraid to own your space.

A few weeks ago, Taaja taught a red carpet walk workshop at Beauty Night Society. Beauty Night provides marginalized women and youth tools to make positive lifestyle choices.  Women who live in poverty came in, arms wrapped around their chests, hunched over. It seemed like they were trying to wrap themselves tightly into a tiny ball. Gently Taaja coaxed the reluctant women who said they “just want to watch” into strolling with pride down the red carpet. Shoulders back, torso pulled out of the hips, the participants stopped keeping their gaze glued to the floor and began to gaze at life directly as they walked with confidence and ease.  Like the folded petals of a bud, they flourished as they opened up and bloomed.

As I watched the women walk, I wished that we could teach walking and self-esteem workshops for children. Perhaps if we are able to empower our youth, they can choose their  stilettos and walk down their chosen path of life with confidence and pride.


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