Men’s Sexual Health with Maureen McGrath, RN, SHE

Our society puts a great deal of pressure on men in terms of sexuality. Although we’ve gone through the sexual revolution, many girls are still raised to believe that males are sexually obsessed and it is our responsibility to just say,”No!”

When men experience erectile dysfunction, it can raise havoc with their self-esteem and their romantic relationships. Even though we have evolved from the cave man era where men would grab the person they wanted, throw her over his shoulder and drag her back to his cave for his sexual needs, many men still believe that it is their responsibility to always be sexually engaged and ready for action.

Last night’s episode of Sexy in Vancity Radio, Maureen McGrath diffused many of the myths about erectile dysfunction. With warmth and empathy she enlightened listeners about some of the potential health concerns that erectile dysfunction might be pointing to.

Other topics we touched on were male postpartum depression which can affect 1-25% of new fathers; the male HPV vaccine, and some of the resources that are available to men.

You can listen to our Men’s Sexual Health Episode by clicking this link.


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