“Live Aware. Create Empowerment” —is the message coming from the young women of the LACE Campaign, a brand-new initiative from the BC Cancer Agency, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority, designed to get young women talking about Pap testing.

The ideas for the campaign came from young women in B.C., through surveys and focus testing, and now through hands-on participation by Action Teams in Vancouver and Victoria. LACE Action Team Member and blogger Lizzy Karp (age 24) says, “LACE stands for ‘Live aware. Create empowerment,’ and that is what this project is about.” She adds, “getting a Pap test is an empowering habit that women should get into. We want to provide information and tools to help women find out where they can get a Pap, but most of all to make them feel like it’s something they can do, and something they can talk about. It’s really not so bad!”

Mabel Lam, also part of the Action Team agrees: “I want to be confident, and know that I am living a healthy life, and not have any surprises, down the road.”

While the LACE Campaign takes a fun & positive approach, it is addressing a serious issue. Cervical Cancer is the most preventable cancer, and the Pap test is one of the most effective screening tests ever devised. Yet young women in British Columbia are not getting tested at the rate they should to protect their health. The LACE Action Team wants to change these stats, and let women know that Pap tests save lives.

We are looking forward to having Lizzy on Sexy in Vancity Radio tomorrow night at 10pm. Listen Live on 101.9FM CITR


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